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By Dimond Mattress

Introducing the Aspen Cool, the epitome of cool and cozy sleep! This exceptional mattress combines the latest sleep technologies with luxurious comfort, providing you with a serene and refreshing slumber. Let me walk you through the remarkable features of this 6-layer hybrid mattress, expertly crafted to elevate your sleep experience.

The Aspen Cool begins with a supportive foundation of individually wrapped pocketed coils. These high-quality coils are located at the bottom of the mattress, ensuring optimal stability and durability. The pocketed coil system provides targeted support to different areas of your body, contouring to your curves and minimizing motion transfer. Say goodbye to restless nights caused by a partner's movements and hello to undisturbed sleep!

On top of the pocketed coil layer, you'll find a layer of high-density base foam. This foundational foam adds structural integrity to the mattress, preventing sagging and maintaining its shape over time. With this robust support layer, you can rest assured that your Aspen Cool mattress will remain supportive and comfortable for years to come.

Moving up the layers, you'll encounter a layer of open-cell memory foam. This advanced foam technology enhances breathability and airflow, allowing heat to dissipate and keeping you cool throughout the night. Say farewell to overheating and hello to a comfortably cool sleep environment.

Above the open-cell memory foam, we've incorporated a layer of high-density gel-infused memory foam. This luxurious foam conforms to your body's contours, relieving pressure points and providing exceptional comfort. The infusion of cooling gel helps dissipate heat, ensuring a refreshing sleep experience.

Next, we have a layer of responsive transition foam. This foam adds a gentle bounce to the mattress, facilitating weight distribution and enabling easy movement during sleep. With this layer, you can transition between positions effortlessly, while still enjoying the support and comfort that the Aspen Cool provides.

Resting atop the transition foam is a layer of plush quilted fabric. This breathable cover not only adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom but also promotes airflow, contributing to a cool and comfortable sleep surface.

With the Aspen Cool, you can experience the perfect blend of contouring comfort, temperature regulation, and unparalleled support. This 6-layer hybrid mattress, featuring a supportive pocketed coil system at the bottom, provides the ideal foundation for a restful sleep.

Invest in your sleep with the Aspen Cool, and wake up feeling refreshed and energized every morning. It's time to indulge in the ultimate sleep experience – the Aspen Cool awaits you!

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