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Adjustable Beds

    Adjustable beds, also known as power beds, are a type of bed that allows the user to change the position of the bed frame to suit their needs and preferences. These beds can be raised or lowered at the head, foot, or both, and many also offer additional features such as massage, underbed lighting, and USB ports.


    Adjustable beds are popular among people who have medical conditions that require them to sleep in a particular position, as well as those who simply want to be able to customize their sleeping experience. They are also great for people who enjoy reading, watching TV, or working on their laptop in bed, as they can easily adjust the bed to a comfortable, upright position.


    Whether you're looking to improve your sleep quality, reduce pain and discomfort, or just want a bed that can adapt to your changing needs, an adjustable bed may be the perfect choice for you.

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Legget   &  Platt

Scape Base

S-Cape HF is a high-end adjustable base that combines premium technologies to provide a luxurious night’s sleep. Dual USB ports let you keep your devices charged and close whether you’re sleeping or just lounging. Our innovative Wallhugger® technology maintains the space between your bed and the wall, meaning bedside tables stay within reach even as the bed adjusts positions. Built into the base, the fully adjustable dual-massage feature incorporates our wave technology so you can adjust the intensity of the waves. Use the capacitive-touch wireless remote to select from preset reprogrammable anti-snore and zero gravity settings or program the remote to remember your perfect sleeping position. With S-Cape HF, you can experience total relaxation and wake feeling recharged day after day.

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